Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Sharing Pictures at Flickr

Some of the free platforms that host our blogs have a limited amount of space. This means that we have an upload limit of videos, music, pictures etc...

In order to have all these items in our blog we publish them in other sites and link or embed them to our blog afterwards. In this session we will learn to use one of these sites that allows us to share images.

Flickr is a tool hosted by Yahoo. We can share pictures with our friends and have them displayed in our blogs.

The first thing to do is signing up at the following address

To create your account you must first have an e-mail address at Yahoo. If you already have a yahoo account you can use the username and password to sign in.

If you don't have a yahoo account you have to create one

Now you can make your Flickr account using your yahoo username and password.

Deadline for the following tasks: Wednesday 28
Task 0: Update your blog with a new post
Task 1: Upload 5 pictures and organize them in a new set called ''yourname''_blogworkshop
Send an invitation to your teacher to see the pictures. Contacts> Invite your friends
Task2: Publish your pictures in your blog.
If you use Blogger, find a gadget to display a slideshow. Then set Flickr as the source and publish it. If you use Wordpress, you should look for the ''embed code'' copy and paste it in a new widget. Then save changes to have it published.